Incoming King: Shahrukh Khan & the RA.One Team

Toronto is about to be hit by another Bollywood blast. As if IIFA was not enough to leave the industry’s mark, the King Khan is back! Yes ladies & gentleman, Bollywood royalty Shahrukh Khan is back in Toronto on October 26th to kick-off the North American premiere of RA.One, his new and upcoming movie, at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. Is it going to be crazy? what do you think!??! =)

RA.One is an upcoming Hindi superhero film and lets be honest, this is not a typical superhero film produced by Bollywood (think Im lying? watch the trailer!). After we have received movies like Krrish, a really fantastic superhero movie, RA.One expects to break the barrier of “typical” and move to the next level…literally. Bringing in the world of 3D, extreme graphic play and fantastic shots. If you like numbers, lets put it this way: 3500 VFX shots were taken for this film and that is MORE than what was shot for Avatar! Anubhav Sinha has gone above and beyond with the production of this film. However, its not just production that packs a bunch. This film is loaded with talent from the entire industry. Lets start: SHAHRUKH KHAN (*pictures girls fainting*), KAREENA KAPOOR (*pictures guys fainting*) and ARJUN RAMPAL (*pictures more girls fainting*). Yes, this film is loaded with some amazing talent that the Bollywood film industry has to offer and seeing their chemistry on screen is going to be really interesting to watch.

The Toronto Premiere is going to attract quite the crowd and we are excited to see the buzz this shall bring back to the city. I am really excited to be reporting from the Red Carpet so follow @AD_TO on twitter for all the live action on the day. Also, look out for exciting posts following the event detailing everything that happened. This is going to be fun!

Until then, please watch the amazing trailer from the movie. It really is something quite alot of us are looking forward to: