Bethany Brown discusses GenZeroes and how NFT’s are creating new opportunities for artists

Collision Conference 2022

NFT’s is a subject that is going to keep cropping up when it comes to the future of the arts. Raine Maida discussed how NFT’s is changing how fans engage with musicians, and how musicians in return can utilize digital merchandise to get their brand out there.

Now Bethany Brown gives us a clear look on how NFT’s are changing up the film and television space in an interview at Collision Conference 2022.

Brown, known for her work on The 100 and Charmed (to name a few), gave us an introduction to GenZeroes, the first live-action NFT series. The show will fully utilize the use of tokens across multiple platforms to provide an immersive experience for viewers, allowing them to own a part of the show through exclusive NFT drops.

The show will pair multiple channels, including a 10 episode series and a graphic novel.

The series is produced by House of Kibaa (a subsidiary of Looking Glass Labs), where users will need to buy NFT’s to watch the show. The series stars a wonderful cast consisting of Aleks Paunovic, Nicole Muñoz, Jesse Stanley and many more, in addition to a number of awesome guest appearances.

GenZeroes is going to pave the way for digital technologies like NFT’s to bring opportunities to young artists. As you will hear in the interview, NFT’s provide a sense of ownership for all those involved, at every level of the creative team totem pole.

While the traditional model basically meant that many talent only got their hours worth in pay, NFT’s would open up revenue streams for those otherwise left out of the equation. Additionally, viewers will feel more invested in the platform if they own a part of it. The success of a show is very much dependent on everyone, and the rewards are reaped by everyone. A win-win situation.

While there is still a ways for this technology to go to truly change the way the film and television industry does business, this is definitely the right step.

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Cover Photo: Steve Murakami. © The Arts Guild Inc.