Jason Mewes makes his return to Fan Expo Canada


Undoubtedly the one conversation we did not think we would have during Fan Expo Canada was one with Jason Mewes, and I’m glad we did. Complete opposite to his complex, beyond-the-line characters, the humble Jason Mewes chats about his love for Fan Expo Canada and the fans who meet him.

About Jason

Born in Highlands, New Jersey, Jason is known for his at the edge characters such as Jay in Clerks, and Jimmy in Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. He is a frequent collaborator with filmmaker Kevin Smith, with Jay & Silent Bob their most iconic collaboration which still is going in one format or another.

Jason had a challenging and a trouble-filled childhood and young adult life, something that he, with the help of good friend Kevin Smith, has overcome over the years. They together created the podcast Jay & Silent Bob Get Old, created primarily to keep Mewes sober and help others who are going through these issues be able to reflect.

The Interview

We had a great heart to heart conversation about his love for Fan Expo, an event he has come back for again straight for the past few years. He also spoke about the fans who connect with his work, and his love of working with Kevin Smith and just how much of a family member he is to him.