Boland on the making of his debut album ‘Shades’


Breaking into the music industry is not an easy task. With so many artists trying to grab the ear of the next available listener, putting out something that grabs a person’s attention is pivotal and key. Boland understands that very well.

Boland is no stranger to creativity. It somewhat runs in the family. His dad Kevin is a well renowned journalist, his mom Gail a well-established director, and his sister Katie a very talented young actress. However, even with the creativity flowing in his family, he understood the need to discover his creative side and fine tune his craft.

I remember meeting him at an event at the Toronto International Film Festival, where his sister kindly made introductions. Humble was my first impression of Boland. While he demonstrated passion for his music, he showed a level of restraint and patience. Even in our interview, he is relaxed about his project. He has been patiently developing his music over the years, fine tuning it where required, getting the technical help where required, and gathering feedback from those around him. The result is Shades.

Watch our short, but wicked chat with Boland about his new album, the making of the tracks, and the value he finds in those around him. Be sure to checkout his music on Spotify and all other major music sources.

Click to listen:

Boland Shades