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We have a eight wonderful seasons of Murdoch Mysteries, and the very-Canadian detective has created some pretty cool things in those 114 episodes. I thought I’d take a moment to go over 5 of my favourite inventions by the detective. These are in no particular order. It’s somewhat unwise to pick your favourite because, lets face it, Murdoch inventions are all cool!

Do share your favourite invention in Murdoch Mysteries in the comments below. It doesn’t have to be by the artful detective himself, but even from others such as serial-inventor James Pendrick.

Still_waters_02#1: The Numograph

I truly loved the invention of the numograph, AKA the lie detector. It measures “physiological change associated with duress”, with variations (or lies) causing a rise in fluid inside a tube. While it was amazing to see this device be used in Still Waters, with the King’s Rowing Club, I really liked it in Invention Convention when other inventors were fascinated by it.


Murdoch Mysteries#2: “Day Light In a Box”

To very cleverly quote the Murdochian Arthur Conan Doyle, the detective’s portable briefcase-style-flashlight helps illuminate footprints in Elementary, My Dear Murdoch in Season 1. It’s a pretty hilarious moment, as they are using lamps just a short while before that.



Murdoch Mysteries#3: The UV “Day Light In a Box”

Murdoch does love his lights.  Another favourite of mine is the UV light box that Murdoch uses to find blood residue on various different items. That handy box has come in use to Murdoch and his detective adventures many times, especially in Murdoch Night in Canada.



Murdoch Mysteries#4: The Graphizer

There is no way anyone can ever call Murdoch a pencil pusher when he had the brains to create the Graphizer. The cool looking box with a hand that moves a pencil left and right measures sound waves. Murdoch used this device to evaluate sound waves underwater – what we’d call sonar today – in Confederate Treasure, and we’ve seen it evolve for many uses in future episodes.



Murdoch Mysteries#5: The Weaponized Capacitor

There is nothing more awesome than giving a super-intelligent detective the James Bond aura. What is essentially a Murdochian taser, the device does showcase Murdoch’s great skills at creating complex devices that solve even more complex situations. It was a cool gadget to introduce in Season 8 of Murdoch Mysteries in the last episode: Artful Detective.


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