‘Murdoch Mysteries’ Set Tour


Murdoch Mysteries is undoubtedly one of the most popular shows in Canada. When we interviewed Yannick Bisson & Hélène Joy on set a few months ago, we wanted to give a behind the scenes look at the set, to give a first hand look at the beautiful set created to bring the Murdoch Mysteries magic on screen.

Watch our ‘Behind the Scenes’ Set Tour video above in addition to the fantastic photos we took on set below. What is your favourite Murdoch Mysteries space? Share with us in the comments section below!

Happy Holidays Murdoch Fans!

Music in video: “Let’s Start At the Beginning” by Robert Carli

  1. Thank you for the tour. Favourite space…Murdoch’s office, of course, the desk in particular. Old wood (furniture) tells lots of stories. Add in the Murdoch acting and production team and a great series results. I enjoyed the music background of the video as well.

    1. Appreciate your kind words Lin! Thanks for sharing your favourite space as well. Old wood, especially furniture, do tell many stories!

  2. Thank you for a wonderful tour of the set. My favourite space is of course the morgue. So many interesting items. The Banting and Best workbench has so much history. I have always been interested in biology. Love the shot of Shelley, the skeleton. Murdoch is 1 hour of the best entertainment on TV.

    1. It was our pleasure. Glad you liked it! The morgue is certainly a very well crafted space, so much details in all the bottles, work equipment and much more. Its great that your love for biology connected with the show as well. Its always a treat when that does happen, really catching your interest.

  3. Thank you so much, took me right back to the MME in August, wonderful, such an awe inspiring place, happy times 🙂 Merry Christmas All xxx

  4. It’s so hard to pick just one! I love Murdoch’s office, especially his desk (with all his things on it) and the wall with all the cool gadgets (I keep wondering what the Ediphone does/is for). The morgue is also wonderful, particularly the workbench and all the bottles. So much attention to detail!

  5. thanks so much for this wonderful tour. I would imagine in the appropriate clothing, an actor could just walk onto the set and feel right at home, so to speak. The absolute attention to detail is pure genius.
    City Morgue is my fav, if I HAD to choose…so diverse and full of character.
    However, the offices , with their warm woods, and special lighting, just the lamps, very cozy . . .

    1. You are most welcome and I’m glad you liked it! It is a beautiful set and one that needs quite a bit of time to appreciate, especially all the small objects. Hands down one of the best sets out there. City Morgue is beautifully, especially with all those tiny bottles on the shelf.

      Happy Holidays!

  6. Really Wonderful tour, Adnan! The music/camera work is perfect! 🙂 My favourite space…Well, there’s *SO* many interesting things in the morgue (&, depending where you’re looking, actually rather pretty, too). Although there’s interesting/eye~catching things pretty much everywhere…I think in a way the morgue, or (tied with) Murdoch’s Office. So much gets thought over & solved or worked out in there…it’s a really cool atmosphere to be in.

    1. Thanks for the comments Keara! I agree that every space does indeed have beautiful details and what not, making it super hard to choose one space over another. The set is truly a beautiful place to be, with the effort put into creating it truly visible as soon as you enter the place!

      1. I adore this show for the amazing stories told. But I also love the beauty of the sets and the clothing. So much style and quality in everything one owned. I would love to recreate Detective Murdoch’s two toned green painted walls in my home office. Would you mind sharing the brand and name colors with me? Thank you ever so much!



  7. I recently purchased an antique 3 tier pie crust table from an antique store in Hamilton, Ontario. I was told that it was used in one of the episodes of Murdoch. I would love to know which season and episode it appeared in.

  8. My nine year old daughter and I love the show.We have visited a few places they filmed.Thank you for the pictures.It is a wonderful Canadian show!

  9. What are the names of the green paint colours used in the office? They are gorgeous and would love to us them in my home. Thank you!!

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