Interview with the Cast of Disney XD’s ‘Bunks’


At 8pm on October 27th, Disney XD will celebrate the world premiere of its first-ever, Canadian original movie: Bunks. We had the opportunity to sit down with various cast members – Aidan Shipley, Atticus Dean Mitchell, Emilia McCarthy and Christian Potenza – and chat about this upcoming family movie. Read our review of the film HERE.

Bunks follows two mischievous brothers: Dylan (Dylan Schmid) and Dane (Aidan Shipley) O’Reilly. When their parents decide they need a little straightening out, they enroll the two to a military camp. Not liking this idea at all, the two hatch a plan and end up at a kids camp, Camp Bushwhack, posing as camp counselors. All is going well until the two brothers break camp rules, awaken a long-forgotten curse and unleash a zombie attack. Now the two would-be leaders need to step it up and show that they do indeed have leadership potential.

Born in Stratford, Ontario, Aidan Shipley began his career in theatre, immersing himself in the Shakespearean culture of the Stratford community. He later went to Ireland to study hip-hop and breakdance, returning to Canada to continue his acting career in productions such as Vacation with Derek, Flashpoint, Rookie Blue and more. Currently studying to pursue directing at Ryerson University, Shipley balances education and work, taking on roles such as Rodrigo Cortés’ Red Lights and Atom Egoyan’s Queen of the Night.

Emilia McCarthy hails from London, Ontario, and at the age of 16, has left quite a mark on the industry. Over the years, she has taken part in a variety of productions including Beauty and the Beast, Babel and Unlikely Heroes. Her most notable recent role was that of Alyssa in Eli Roth produced Netflix Original Series Hemlock Grove.  At a young age of seven, she also self-published a book entitled Baby’s Wish with the help of her dad.

Best known for playing Benny Weir on hit teen series My Babysitter’s A Vampire, Atticus Dean Mitchell is a fellow Torontonian who has been acting since 2009. He made his debut with recurring role Carlos Martinelli on How To Be Indie, later going on to star in a variety of feature productions including What We Have, Shrinking Violet and most recently, The Colony, opposite Laurence Fishburne, Bill Paxton and Kevin Zegers. Mitchell is a proficient drummer and is part of the band The Fishwives.

Christian Potenza was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. He made the move to Toronto after deciding to pursue a career in the entertainment business, kick-starting with a role on Canadian soap opera Riverdale. Potenza then moved into the world of commercials, earning him a variety of awards and enough capital to move on into the world of voice performances. He is known for voice-acting a variety of notable characters including Jude Lizowski on 6Teen, Trevor Troublemeyer on Sidekick and Chris McLean in the Total Drama series.

Bunks airs on October 27th, 2013 at 8pm on Disney XD.

Enjoy the interview!