Laurence Fishburne & Kevin Zegers attend The Colony World Premiere

Toronto got a dose of star power with the red carpet premiere of Jeff Renfroe’s The Colony. The film’s world premiere took place in Toronto at the Scotiabank Theatre, attended by Director Jeff Renfroe and cast members Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Zegers, Lisa Berry, Kimberly-Sue Murray and Atticus Dean Mitchell.

The Colony, written and directed by Jeff Renfroe, is a post-apocalyptic film that tests the boundaries of humanity. With the arrival of the next ice age, a group of survivors are forced underground with very few supplies, threatened by freezing temperatures, illness and rising internal conflict. When they dive into a search for another colony of survivors, they soon find out there is a threat much greater than mother nature. With time and the environment against them, they must hurry to save humanity.

The Arts Scene attended The Colony‘s world premiere, where we captured moments from the red carpet. The film will open Canada-wide on April 26th.

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