Richard Crouse’ new gig!

If your a movie buff & you haven’t heard of Richard Crouse, you need to get out more. The renowned and frankly brilliant film critic is best known for his TV stint as host of Reel to Real on RogersTV, Canada’s longest running tv show about movies, which was on air for 10 years between 1998 and 2008. Since then, he has hosted multiple shows and has been an avid contributor to various television shows, news channels and radio programs, providing his insight on the very latest in film.

Now his insight can be seen in the form of a free video podcast called This Week on Movies, produced by well known documentary film-maker Ron Mann. Crouse will provide everything from reviews to revisiting must-see films from the past. This podcast will be available exclusively on iTunes, so go check it out today! There are already two podcasts out!

For more details, visit the shows official website at For more about Richard’s work, visit his official website at