Theatre for all

Theatre (or Theater as often spelled in American English) is probably one of the finest forms of performance arts. In comparison to similar mediums, such as Film, it takes alot of skill and talent to perform live in front of an audience. Lets put it more simply: unlike Film, you can’t really say “cut” and start over again. If you mess up, thats pretty much the end of it.

The performance arts are genuinely engaging and one of the finest forms of entertainment. However, the often criticized point is that Theatre is very expensive. Definitely expensive if you are a student who loves the arts but is on a tight budget. What this post will hopefully provide is a summary of the various opportunities available in the city that will allow students to both experience the arts during the holidays whilst not breaking the bank.

Mirvish Productions – Founded in 1987 by David Mirvish, the company has established itself as ones of Toronto’s premier Theatre companies. From hit productions such as Wicked & The Sound of Music, Mirvish continues to provide the promised Theatre experience to residents of Toronto. Mirvish provides occasional discounts & rush tickets through their newsletter E-Stage which everyone should subscribe to. Not only discounted tickets, but up-to-date theatre news, announcements for special events & a whole lot more.

The Canadian Stage Company – Founded in 1988 with the merger of CentreStage & Toronto Free Theatre, The Canadian Stage Company has provided some of the finest theatrical performances in the city. With its current production of the Tony Award winning Red & upcoming production of Cruel & Tender directed by Atom Egoyan, The Canadian Stage is a definite must-visit theatre in Town which has now been made easier with their C-Stage Program (CLICK HERE) – Theatre enthusiasts under 30 can now get tickets for $12.50! That is probably one of the best deals in the city. For the price of a movie, you are enjoying a live theatre performance! If you don’t qualify for the C-Stage program, Canadian Stage offers more ways to save

DanCap Productions Inc. – Founded in 2007, DanCap has given the city of Toronto some of the finest productions. With big names such as Memphis & In The Heights showcasing themselves on the DanCap stage, getting in on the action would be epic. With their <30Cap program, individuals under 30 get awesome discounts of tickets, access to various DanCap events and other exclusive offers.

Soulpepper Theatre Company – Founded in 1998, Soulpepper has produced some of theatre’s iconic productions which include Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya & Ibsen’s The Wild Duck. The theatre’s youth access is pretty incredible. For individuals 21 & under, rush tickets for $5! Also, if you are not 21 & under, student tickets are $28 for the remainder of 2011 season and $32 for the 2012 season for all seats for the every full-length performance. Another awesome opportunity to experience live art without breaking the bank with $60+ tickets.

Young People’s Theatre – Founded in 1966 by Susan Douglas Rubes, Young People’s Theatre has for 46 years produced performances that bring in crowds of all ages, primarily youth. The quality of each performance rivals those and even exceeds those meant for more mature audiences and this has been the case since the companies opening. Tickets revolve around the $10-20 area and is an awesome venue to take a younger sibling or relative to. Not only do you get an opportunity to bond with family, you get to see an amazing performance without the cost. A definite recommendation!

The Second City – Founded in 1959 in Chicago, The Second City soon opened its doors in Toronto in the 80’s to provide the city with improv art, stage performances, comedy & a whole lot more. Its a name that Toronto is very well accustomed to. Best part, you can enjoy a Second City experience for as low as $24!

The World Stage @ Harbourfront Centre – An iconic venue in the city of Toronto, The Harbourfront Centre has played host to events and productions a like. The World Stage has put on performances that truly bring a unique experience. With their discount programme CultureBreak, individuals 13-25 get to enjoy an awesome production for $15! Not only do you get to visit a venue by the lake but experience an awesome performance as well.

This is not an exhaustive list of production companies so we are looking to hear from our readers. Comment on other places you think that Torontonians, especially students, would benefit to experience live productions and I shall update this list!