George Kourounis & Drew Dudley
Guest George Kourounis with host Drew Dudley

An Adventurous Leader: George Kourounis

This is probably long over due, but when one reflects on awesomeness, it takes a bit to settle down. Reflection really did take a winding path down our planet’s history. The beauty of our planet is that we as a species learn from one another. We have done so for thousands of years; Collaborated to move our overall position as a species up the ladder. It therefore is not surprising when we get inspired by other people. Sad part is, we just don’t learn from other people enough these days. With the constant evolution of education and the rise of “independent attitudes”, we forget just how much we can learn from one another. We never ask the question: perhaps there is something I am just not aware of?

The Leaders Lounge is a new initiative by Nuance Leadership Inc. that focuses on conversation as a powerful tool to share, enlighten & inspire. You are probably wondering, why the hell am I talking about a leadership event on an  Arts blog. Well, you’ll be surprised by the kind of people that can inspire you.

The focus of this post is around one of the three events that The Leaders Lounge hosted this year which featured Television Presenter, Adventurer & Storm Chaser George Kourounis. For those going “oh, oh!”, let me lighten the burden. Kourounis is best known for hosting the OLN Show Angry Planet, which he co-created as well. For those who have seen Kourounis in action, you understand the kind of stuff he gets into. Tornadoes, volcanoes, hurricanes, you name it. He is one of the few who don’t mind going in the direction of mother natures wrath.

One automatically comes under the impression & assumption that, well, Kourounis is probably crazy to do what he does. Fact is, he shared with us his position on fear. Fear is a very common element in our lives. We fear many things, big and small, and sometimes fear dictates how our lives unfold. Kourounis stated out right that he fears what he does, but he left everyone with a strong message: “What is the opposite of love: hate; What is the opposite of fear: curiosity”. A powerful statement because it showcases that until we take the initiative to overcome our fears, fear will dictate us. He fears mother nature but is curious to find out more, and his curiosity is supported by his loving wife. In fact that support is so great, he got married on top of a volcano! Yeah, pretty awesome!

So whats the message to the wonderful art readers out there: never stop going on the path to achieve what you want. Don’t fear the obstacles; understand them.

Look below for a clip from the Leaders Lounge event as well as photographs. Don’t forget to follow George on twitter to keep up with his exciting adventures. Also, visit Nuance Leadership Inc and follow on twitter for all the awesome new things coming in the new year!