Within Every Woman – The Documentary Film

Its 1:30am; just finished an exam a few hours ago & now procrastinating for another exam tomorrow morning (which by the way, is not my last one!). However, as much as I need to focus on my exams, there is a project in the midst that needs a little more attention. A project that grabbed my attention the minute I was introduced to it, that too a few weeks ago. Tiffany Hsiung; a local Torontonian, an ordinary woman who is taking on an extraordinary project to bring attention to a crime that happened long ago during WW2: The forgotten story of “The Comfort Woman”. The term was used to describe over 200,000 girls who were forced into sexual slavery during World War 2 in Asia., with a majority of them from Korea, China, Philippines and Japan. The history behind this has been disputed, argued and even down right ignored. Politics and such can take their route, but once a mark is left, its very hard to ignore it.

Tiffany began her project in 2008 travelling to Asia, to meet and document the story of the survivors of this horrific event in our history. They are known today as “the Grandmothers”, in their late 80’s and families of their own. Can one imagine how it must feel like to live day to day, for many years, with nightmares of the past? Knowing that long ago, your entire dignity, your honor, your self-respect was taken from you and you still live today trying to fight for your rights? Truth be told, I would not be able to handle it, but these women have. Tiffany brings to light their story, to be able to share with the world an unbiased look at what history has forgotten.

The project is something that has moved me in a way that no previous project has. However, for this to become reality, Tiffany needs to raise enough to fund this project and with the Grandmothers in their late 80’s and 90’s, it is a raise against time.

I took time between studying for exams to type this out to show my support for this amazing project. Please give your support as well. Of the $50,000 required, $5000 is all that is left. Please pledge generously and make a project as epic as this a reality. For more information please visit http://www.wewoman.org/

Please see the trailer below and go to www.wewoman.org/kickstarter & pledge generously!



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