Cosplaying, Toronto-Style

We’ve back to loving everything comics, sci-fi and anime at Toronto ComiCon 2017.

We look forward to both Toronto ComiCon and sister convention Fan Expo Canada each year to mingle with like-minded comic book enthusiasts, artists and craftsman from a ton of different genres, and really spend some time sharing the love that fans bring to the convention world with their amazing cosplay, collectibles memorabilia and more.

2017 has been no different that any of our past years. We’ve really enjoyed the growth of Toronto ComiCon, which was once a tiny convention with people primarily attending to meet their favourite comic book artists. However, in recent years, it has seen an exponential growth, bringing in amazing celebrity guests such as this years Brett Dalton, Sean Pertwee, and the cast of the original Degrassi.

The one element of the convention that we have come to truly respect are the fans who dedicate so many hours to perfecting their cosplay, pushing the envelope of what is possible through home-made, hand crafted designs. End of the day, conventions like these are all about the fans and its awesome to see the fans getting engaged, and getting so involved in all the fun.

Have a look through some of the cosplay we covered over the weekend. If you happen to be in one of these photos, drop us a comment below!