Photo by: Adnan M. // The Arts Guild Inc.

Cosplayers of Fan Expo 2016: Round 2

Fan Expo 2016 officially concluded earlier today, and we wanted to make sure that we shared our second batch of photos of cosplayers from the convention. The weekend brought out a lot of amazing costumes and designs, following the trend each year.

What we wanted to focus on with this post are the everyday convention goers. Professional cosplayers pull out all the stops for what is jaw-dropping designs and colours. A trend we are seeing year after year is everyday convention goers are working harder and harder to make their costumes a whole level higher. While we may have obviously gotten a few professionals in this gallery, it is awesome to see fans and convention enthusiasts really putting in the effort with their designs. Whether its something like a simple mask, or a fully-lit set of wings, the fans put in the best effort they could to join in and spread the spirit of the expo, and with all honesty, that is what Fan Expo Canada is all about.

Check out the gallery below. Make sure to share (follow all our social accounts too!), and do comment below if we featured you in our gallery!

Click each individual photo to enlarge.

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