Cosplayers of Fan Expo 2016: Round 1

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We’re back for Fan Expo 2016! While meeting and interviewing guests is super exciting, we’ve always appreciated the amount of time and effort that people spend building their cosplay costumes. Whether they are professional cosplayers, or just fans putting something together for the fun of it, there is definitely a level of effort that goes into each and every design.

Round 1 (of 2) captures some of our favourite cosplay designs from the first two days of Fan Expo. From Deadpool, to Naruto, to Harley Quinn, the Expo was filled with amazing designs. Frankly, if we just kept shooting both those days, this gallery would need a sort function!

Have a browse through the gallery below (click to enlarge photos) and see some of the cool designs. If you happen to be in this gallery, or we missed a chance to photograph you, leave us a comment and hopefully we’ll catch you again during the next two days of the expo. Also, share awayyy!

Adnan M.

Adnan M.

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