TAG Vault: Wonder Woman Talk with David and Meredith Finch


TAG Vault is a series that shares never-before published photos, stories, and interviews from past adventures.

Art is definitely up for individual interpretation, but there can be no doubt that comic artwork looks cool. There are hundreds of artists who are contributing to the comic landscape, helping build the storylines and character images that shape some of our media today. David Finch is no stranger to the field. With over 20+ years of experience doing projects like The New Avengers, Batman, and X-Men, he tackles the artwork for Wonder Woman with writer, and wife, Meredith Finch for DC’s The New 52 and Reborn series comics.

We chatted with the awesome duo back at Fan Expo 2015, and with everything that was going at the time, we were unable to share the interview with audiences. However, with the duo returning to Fan Expo 2016, we thought this would be a golden opportunity to dig out the interview from the TAG Vault, and share what we strongly feel is an amazing interview with powerful takeaways for any artist.

David and Meredith Finch will be at Fan Expo 2016 at Booth #P46. Make sure you catch David as his dedicated events as well:

  • Sketch Duel: David Finch vs. Cary Nord vs. Michael Walsh – Thursday, 7:45pm, Room 716
  • Autograph Session – Friday, 10:30am, Autograph Area AA

Cover Photo: Wonder Woman Issue #48 – Cover Art by David Finch and  Jonathan Glapion. Story by Meredith Finch. Copyright: DC Comics and associated artists.