Steve Murakami // The Arts Guild Inc.

TIFF 2015: Little Mizz Innocent Kickoff Event – Photos

TIFF time is not just for festival-specific events, but a whole bunch of other interesting projects and activities.

Writer and Producer Gino McKoy, along with his family, held a special kick-off event for their upcoming film, Little Mizz Innocent, scheduled to shoot in Toronto and a number of other cities around the world later this year. What looks like an edge of your seat action film, will star Tyrese Gibson, Christopher Plummer, Olga Kurylenko and Carrie Ann Moss. DJ’s presented music from the film, and partners and special guests attended for a chance to mix and mingle.

The event took place at the very beautiful ViaVai Pizzeria and Wine Bar, my first visit to the venue. The production team picked a refreshing, classy, and away-from-the-hustle venue that still brought in the TIFF madness that is currently on-going.

A cool little surprise was a visit by a very special guest: Christopher Plummer. The legendary Canadian and Oscar-winning actor was as energetic as ever, chatting with the people in attendance, and dining on great pizza selections. It was great to have a chance to connect with him, chat with him about his earlier published memoir and really just share the love of film through conversation.

Please browse the gallery below for all the highlights from the event.