Project Spotlight: Girl Couch

The Project Spotlight series selects and highlights Canadian art projects that leverage crowdfunding to achieve their goals.

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Project Name: Girl Couch
Type: Short Film
Synopsis/Overview (from the team): Girl Couch, a satirical short film, presenting trendy initiatives of 2014 promoting girl power and “bandwagon politics” in a talk show setting. The film will explore online cause activism and will contrast the current (and sometimes commodified) version of feminism with the ideas of past generations.


Producer: Emma Fleury, Katie Nolan
Director: Clara Altimas
Writer: Anna Hopkins, Clara Altimas
Cast: Anna Hopkins, Glenda Braganza, Judith Baribeau, Chantele Francis, Janine Theriault, Claire Brosseau
Cinematographer: Melyssa Anishnabie


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The short film shows potential because of its powerful foundation, established primarily by its creative team. A foundation for a project dictates its success, trumping over-done tactics such as adding incredibly recognizable names or overdoing the marketing. Instead of ranting on, here are three straight forward points that make this a fantastic project:

  1. It’s an all-female creative team – The one thing that makes this project stand out is that its an all-female creative team tackling the subject of “girl power”. It’s a satire, yes, but that’s what makes it great. Women talking about the very things that frankly not enough of us are talking about. From the above clip, you get hit in the face with a cool reality check, touching on areas of social culture and “the norm”. In fact, this opens the flood gates beyond the discussion of women in society, leading us towards a broader question: “how much do we not talk about?” – It’s a life check in a cool and fun way.
  2. Talent, lots of it – The people behind this production are some of Canada’s finest talent. Whether you have heard of them or not, I can tell you without a doubt that they are TALENTED. For example, Anna Hopkins, who plays the lead character Meredith, is a power house performer who currently plays tough-gal Jessica ‘Berlin’ Rainier on SyFy’s Defiance. Describing her performance would need a good solid essay, which I won’t bother writing as I would make a hash of it. Producer Emma Fleury has a diverse creative background, recently making her feature film debut in It Was You Charlie, one of my favourite films of 2014.
  3. The concept is simple – The idea behind the film is tidy and simple. You have an enthusiastic host chatting with powerful women from world history, discussing topics that affected them during their time period, which are still relevant today. It’s mocking the very things we don’t pay enough attention to, and that is art being used in a proper manner to spark discussion.

Support this full-of-potential short film and the wonderful, talented Canadian artists behind it.

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