Get your Sherlock on with ‘Who Lives Here?’


Get your deerstalkers out of the closet as its time to deduce who lives where!

Ever wondered if a persons personality matches the home they live in? This frequently asked question gets creatively answered with Who Lives Here?, a new show on the W Network. The show brings together five strangers, each with the knowledge of each other’s profession and whatever first impression they create. These five individuals will then tour each others property and figure out who lives where. The individual with the most number of home-to-homeowner matches will walk away with $1000 and wicked bragging rights.

Todd Talbot, Narrator of Who Lives Here?
Todd Talbot, Narrator of Who Lives Here?

The show’s concept is simple and easy to follow. We often assume that someones personality is reflected in their home, but really, to what extent? We as individuals have come to make stereotypical assumptions on personalities and the kind of homes they live in, but how much that holds true, is certainly tested and broken with this show. In addition, audiences get an inside look at the everyday person’s house, whether its a small condo or a massive mansion, making it a cool experience. Also, audiences are put into a scenario where they can watch the craziness happen on screen, while being able to participate and make deductions of their own. Overall, the show is mixed with humourous interactions, witty commentary from Todd Talbot and simple photography.

We had a chat with 3Bird Media producers Andrika Lawren and Jennifer Twamley to share how they came up with the concept for Who Lives Here?, where they hope to take the series, and what audiences can expect from the show. Watch that interview above.

Who Lives Here? premieres April 28, 2014, at 10pm on the W Network. Make sure you tune in!