Project Spotlight: Land of the Sun

The Project Spotlight series selects and highlights Canadian art projects leveraging crowdfunding to achieve their goals.

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Project Name: Land of the Sun
Type: Short Film
Synopsis/Overview: Land of the Sun puts the life of a military family under the microscope. Canadian Military officer Shale (Sebastian Bertoli) is stationed in Afghanistan, awaiting completion of his 8 month tour. His wife Kate (Tara Pratt) and son await his return. Fractured communication, the desire to be together and the dread of what could be possible revolve around this family as the camera brings the reality of their life to the audience.


Producers: Melissa Flagg, Brie Koniczek, Laura Hope
 Melissa Flagg
Writer: Melissa Flagg
Cast: Sebastian Bertoli, Tara Pratt
Photography: Sasha Popove


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