2014 Canadian Film Fest: Founder Bern Euler Puts the Festival into Perspective


The 2014 Canadian Film Fest kicks off Thursday, March 20, at The Royal Cinema. We sit down and have a chat with the festival Founder, Bern Euler, to discuss the evolution of the festival over the past few years, the goal of this years programming, and what audiences can expect.

With a mix of short films and features, the Canadian Film Fest aims to put a spotlight on Canadian film and Canadian artists, pooling together creative works from all across Canada. Held annually, the festival is an opportunity for Canadian productions to get exclusive presentation to a dedicated audience, a forum for industry discussion, and also a chance for business and creative minds to meet and possibly spark future collaborations.

The festival runs from March 20 to 22, presenting 6 features and 14 shorts. For more information and tickets, click HERE.

Enjoy the interview.