Enrico Colantoni & Dillon Casey chat ‘Remedy’ – Interview


Following our chat with Sara Canning and Sarah Allen, we turn our attention to and chat with the the male leads of Global’s new medical drama Remedy. Enrico Colantoni and Dillon Casey play two incredibly different characters from the same medical family, the Conner’s, which the show is based around.

From creator and showrunner Greg Spottiswood (King), Remedy is a new medical drama that follows Griffin Conner (Dillon Casey), a medical school drop-out. After a series of unfortunate and unexpected events, Griffin finds himself back at Bethune General, the hospital where his entire family works. His dad, Allen Conner (Enrico Colantoni), is the Acting Chief-of-Staff, while his two sisters Sandy (Sarah Allen) and Melissa (Sara Canning) are an ICU nurse and a general surgeon respectively. Determined to make a change, Griffin becomes the hospital’s newest porter, a position that opens his eyes to the inner workings of the hospital and a life he never knew.

Enrico Colantoni is face you will recognize in a variety of different projects. The Toronto-born actor has many credits to his name, but is most recognized for certain roles: Sergeant Greg Parker CTV’s FlashpointKeith Mars in TV show Veronica Mars, and Elliot DiMauro in Just Shoot Me! Other TV credits include Person of Interest, Warehouse 13The Kennedys and Bones. Some notable film credits include ContagionCriminal and the upcoming Veronica Mars film.

Raised in Oakville, Ontario, Dillon Casey didn’t originally decide to pursue a career in acting, going to study science and later a Masters in Economics, something he discussed in our previous chat. He found acting to be his true calling, and then put all the effort towards the field. Over the years, he has accumulated numerous credits to his name. His TV credits include MVP, Being Erica, The Vampire Diaries, Warehouse 13 and the main role of Sean Pierce in Nikita. He has numerous film credits as well, most notable 2012’s romantic drama film The Vow by Michael Sucsy, starring opposite Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams.

Enjoy the interview!

Remedy premieres Monday February 24 at 9pm ET on Global.