Project Spotlight: Hashtag Cold

The Project Spotlight series selects and highlights Canadian art projects leveraging crowdfunding to achieve their goals.

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Project Name: Hashtag Cold
Type: Short Film
Synopsis/Overview: #cold – Hashtag Cold – is a short film about a young man named Mo (Nadeem Umar-Khitab), who works at a car dealership. While at work, he sends a tweet out into the universe: “i think this is it #killingmyself”. Shortly after, a young girl named Emily (Emily Piggford), shows up looking to buy a car. The film explores the elements of loneliness, confidence, and connection, bridging them all with the online universe we have all come to depend on.


Director: Imogen Grace
Writer: Imogen Grace
Starring: Nadeem Umar-Khitab, Emily Piggford


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