Chatting with Drew Nelson


As soon as the interview begins, some of you are gonna be like “wait a minute?! I’ve heard this dude before!”, and you’d be right. Drew Nelson has voiced Duncan, AKA The Delinquent, on the hit animated satire Total Drama.

A fellow Torontonian, Nelson set his eyes on the acting business when he was in high school. He tackled the difficult world of theatre first, taking on training, and then moving on to professional gigs. Over the past few years, Nelson has established a name for himself, starring in numerous roles in a diverse selection of projects. Some notable roles include those in shows such as Flashpoint, Fringe, Rookie Blue, Smallville and Lost Girl. Yup, pretty much every procedural and Sci-Fi show in the past decade. He has also demonstrated his ability to deliver a spectacular voice performance, Duncan being one of his finest roles.

Nelson is working on a variety of projects at the moment; however, none stand out more than Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain, an adaptation of the directors own work that he co-authored with fellow writer Chuck Hogan. Nelson will reprise the role of Matt Sayles. The series is scheduled to premiere sometime next year.

Enjoy the interview.