Kelly McCormack Introduces PLAY to the World – Exclusive Interview


We sit down to chat with Canadian Actress Kelly McCormack to chat about her feature-film writing debut, PLAY, set to run at multiple festivals in the coming months.

PLAY is McCormack’s feature film writing debut, a film that was kick-started by Ingrid Veninger’s $1,000 Feature Film Challenge. The film chronicles the events after the opening night of a play goes horribly wrong, forcing the actors to improvise the plot while live on-stage. The film stars Orphan Black’s Kristian Bruun and is directed by award winning director Alec Toller. Other cast members include four-time Canadian Comedy Award Nominee Colin Munch, Roger Bainbridge from the award winning Tony Ho comedy troupe, Theatre Brouhaha headliner Danny Pagett and Dora nominated, and NOW Magazine ‘actor to watch’ Tim Walker. The film was written by McCormack in two weeks and then filmed in two weeks. With many donations and in-kind resources, the film met the challenge of being made only for a $1,000.

The film hits the festival circuit in September, where it has been nominated for Best Feature Film and Best Original Screenplay at the London International Film Festival.

Born in Vancouver, BC, McCormack juggles multiple hats by being an actor, musician, screenwriter, director and producer, among other roles. Currently based in Toronto, she has performed in multiple cities on stage and on screen, including Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Vancouver and London. She only recently moved back to Toronto, spending four years in New York City, dabbling in fashion and the arts.

You can see PLAY at the following festivals in the coming months:

  1. WILLiFEST : The Williamsburg International Film Festival – September 19th-22nd
  2. The Bootleg Film Festival NYC – September 19th-22nd
  3. The Broud Humor Film Festival, Los Angeles – September 20-22nd
  4. The London International Film Festival – October 12-18
  5. The NYC Indie Film Festival – October 18-22nd

More details on the film can be found at: