Sara St. Onge chats about ‘Molly Maxwell’


The Arts Scene sat down with director Sara St. Onge to chit chat about her first feature film, Molly Maxwell.

In the world of high fliers, high achievers, Molly Maxwell (Lola Tash) is still trying to figure out what her calling is. With all eyes on her, she struggles to commit to anything running with the fear that life won’t be what she wants. When a young English teacher enters the picture, Molly suddenly feels something important exists. However, as she spends time with her teacher, their relationship becomes more intimate, placing her in a situation where she risks alienating the important people in her life for the one thing she loves. She is left with a very important decision to make.

Sara St. Onge is from Orillia, Ontario, kick starting her career by first began making music videos before adventuring into short films, leading to this feature film debut. She first studied to pursue photography with no intention to make film. With her experience, her interests changed and she found her calling.

Molly Maxwell plays in Toronto April 19-25 at The Carlton. Check out the films Facebook page for more information on screenings and any special events.

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