Canadian Screen Awards 2013: Matt, Carrie-Lynn & Adam talk about Sweefufamalidy!

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Nothing kicks off an evening of celebration better than a good laugh. Fortunate for us, we had three comedy superstars at the Canadian Screen Awards to set the tone just right. Matt Baram, Carrie-Lynn Neales and Adam Korson join us for a quick chat before the start of the Canadian Screen Awards ceremonies to chat about the event, comedy at award ceremonies and try to describe their new show Seed in as few words as possible. Fun times!

Seed is a new comedy sitcom on City that follows Harry (Adam Korson), a likeable bachelor and bartender, who dabbled in the area of sperm donation. Harry was totally unaware that his involvement with sperm donation had resulted in offspring, until now.

Matt Baram is renowned for his comedic talent. He graduated with distinction from University of Alberta’s Fine Arts Acting Conservatory and has spent a good chunk of his career at the legendary Second City Comedy Theatre, where he met Naomi Snieckus. He and Naomi bring their comedic talents together at The National Theatre of the World, a progressive theatre company that uses improv to create captivating theatre productions. Baram plays Jonathan on City’s Seed.

Carrie-Lynn Neales has been involved with the arts since a very young age. She started off as a dancer, performing at various competitions and stages. She then went off to study theatre at Sheridan College, taking part in numerous plays, especially those written by the Bard. Her career took her to star in shows such as Nikita and The L.A. Complex. She can also be seen in the upcoming independent Canadian film, Khoya. Neales plays Rose on City’s Seed.

Adam Korson is a Toronto native who has always wanted to be in the arts since a very young age. After studying at Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, Korson quickly jumped the train to participate in various independent films and theatre productions. An eye injury that occurred at a hockey game took him away from the world of acting that he loved, but has since fought against the odds to make it in this industry. Korson has gone on to play a diverse set of characters, guest starring in shows such as 2 Broke Girls and The Contract. Korson plays the lead Harry on City’s Seed.


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