TIFF Next Wave 2013: Molly Maxwell Red Carpet Premiere

The TIFF Next Wave Film Festival brings amazing films and programming to youth audiences between the ages of 14 and 18, fueled by a team of young film enthusiasts. It’s second year running, the 2013 TIFF Next Wave Film Festival brought a great line-up of films which included Sara St. Onge’s Molly Maxwell, starring Lola Tash, Charlie Carrick, Krista Bridges, Rob Stewart, Brooke Palsson, A.K. Shand, & Richard Clarkin.

The film revolves around young Molly Maxwell (Lola Tash), who struggles to commit to any particular path that would help distinguish herself from her school colleagues. When her rather handsome English teacher – Ben Carter (Charlie Carrick) – gets her on the right path, Molly finds herself in a world of success and achievement. However, when things get more intimate between the two, she risks shattering the world around her.

The Molly Maxwell evening screening was attended by director Sara St. Onge and cast members Lola Tash, Krista Bridges, Brooke Palsson, A.K. Shand and Lucy Gervais, who stuck around for a short Q&A with the audience. Prior to that, they walked the red carpet for a couple of photos for the press.

Thank you to The Arts Scene’s friend and contributing photographer James Ogilvie for capturing the moments from the red carpet!

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