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Here’s a great recipe for an awesome conversation: Pick a beautiful art gallery in the downtown core to host an interview with a gorgeous actress right before valentines day. Yeah, lets just say that everyone’s spirits were through the roof! We sit down for an awesome conversation with Carrie-Lynn Neales, star of City’s new comedy sitcom Seed. Watch it above!

Born in Scarborough, Ontario, Neales began her journey in the arts at a tiny age of three, starting with dance and then going to Sheridan’s theatre program. She kicked off her performing arts career on stage, stepping into classical theatre roles created by the Bard such as Juliet (Romeo & Juliet) and Viola (Twelfth Night), performing for The Classical Theatre Project. Her move towards film and television has put her under the spotlight, recognized for her performances on award-winning shows such as Nikita and The L.A. Complex. In addition to her new role as Rose on Seed, Neales can be seen in the upcoming independent film Khoya, a story about a man who travels from Canada to India to find his birth family.

Seed is a new Canadian sitcom created by Joseph Raso and produced by Force Four Entertainment. The story follows Harry Dacosta (Adam Korson), a bachelor and bartender whose previous foray into donating to sperm banks has left him with offspring he is unaware of, until now.

A big THANK YOU to Feheley Fine Arts for lending their space for our interview! Make sure to check out their fine collection of contemporary Inuit art.

Make sure to follow Carrie-Lynn on her various social sites:

Twitter: @CarrieLynndor
Facebook: fb.com/CarrieLynnNeales