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Day in and day out, we continue to hear news of tragedy and loss around the world. It makes for a scary reality check when it happens in our own community. The tragedy at Sandy Hook shocked the world. It brought tears to my eyes thinking of the children who we won’t see grow up and change our world. Teachers, family, friends, everyone. It was a day of loss that shouldn’t have happened.

A small group of avid game enthusiasts hope to make a mark and support the affected families and communities. Gamers for Sandy Hook – or G4SH – is a fundraiser that aims to raise money for The Sandy Hook PTA Organization, with all funds donated directly to them. These folks are not an established company or group – just people like you and I wanting to make a difference. A select few gaming industry professionals have rallied to the cause as well: Elias Toufexis (Adam Jensen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution), Kate Drummond (Anna Grimsdottir in Splinter Cell: Blacklist), Mark Meer (Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect Series) and Sam Hulick (Composer for the Mass Effect series).

Their common interest in gaming brought these folks together for a good cause: a chance to lend a hand and make a difference to those who lost something very precious in their lives. Join us in making a difference! Please Donate! Every dollar counts!

To donate, please visit: gamersforsandyhook.org 

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Gamers for Sandy Hook