Oscar, the young chimp of the film | Photo Credit: Walt Disney Motion Pictures Canada

“Chimpanzee” is Chimptastic!

Disney is out with a new film, one that is going to loved by the whole family. Chimpanzee is a new nature documentary about a young chimp named Oscar, his adventure in the African rainforest after finding himself disconnected from his family & his adoption by another chimpanzee. It is co-produced by Disneynature & the Jane Goodall Institute, co-directed by Alastair FothergillMark Linfield and narrated by Tim Allen.

Oscar and his mother Isha | Photo Credit: Walt Disney Motion Pictures Canada

Almost all nature documentaries feature absolutely stunning film elements and Chimpanzee is no different. Filmed in Côte d’Ivoire’s  Taï National Park, the film captures the beautiful natural environment within the West African rainforest, truly visualizing the natural habitat of these wonderful creatures. The way this documentary is filmed is beyond brilliant. It is not just an informative piece but one that has an easy-to-follow story. By focusing on the young chimp Oscar, the team has been able to create a documentary that not only provides educational value but something that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages.Tim Allen’s narration is fantastic. By mixing a bit of humour, varying his pace & adding different dramatic elements, his narrative captivates you at every moment throughout the film, sparking your curiosity in these wonderful animals. Even young children who attended the screening were engrossed by the what the chimps were doing on screen, giving them an opportunity to sit back & enjoy a movie while still learning something new.

Oscar, the young chimp of the film | Photo Credit: Walt Disney Motion Pictures Canada

The act of altruism is something particularly special about this film. Even though scientific studies say chimpanzees are capable of doing so, this is the first time such an act has been documented on film. Learning theory is one thing but seeing an animal, live, doing what the theory says is just an amazing experience. It is a truly valuable learning experience for the whole family.

Chimpanzee is a beautiful documentary that truly does leave you with something to think about. You get to learn new things about a species so close to us genetically, and have fun doing so. Chimpanzee is now out in Theatres across Canada.

A portion of the film’s proceeds until May 3rd will be donated to the Jane Goodall Institute’s “See Chimpanzee, Save Chimpanzees” program to help protect chimpanzees and their habitats. Please help support this amazing cause.


Oscar, the young chimp of the film | Photo Credit: Walt Disney Motion Pictures Canada