An Evening Filled With Music & Bloggers


The way our world shares information today is very different. Technology has become an integral part of our lives. The music industry and how we listen to music has definitely changed. Everything use to be a process. To find out the next hot thing, you would have to adventure down to the local music store or visit a live event or read about it in the local paper. The internet has changed the way we engage with brands and the need to get information quickly & effectively is ever so on the rise.

Blogging has become a phenomenon that has changed the way we share information and it has definitely impacted the music industry. A music blog’s coverage of an artist is very important for that artist’s career. It’s an opinion that could translate in to more discussion. It is immediate information that can be shared with people across the world, something the artist would not be able to do alone.

The Toronto Music Industry Association sat down with 5 bloggers and an artist at Network Orange in downtown Toronto to chat about the impact of music blogs, the how & why of blogging and the do’s & don’ts when reaching out to blogger’s as an artist. In addition, they chatted about the future of music blog’s, if blogging could be made into a living and some helpful tips for new bloggers.

Below is a short video introducing each panelist. To find out more about them and their websites, check out the following links:

Please also check out a few photos from the evening below.

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