Shatner Rules // Enough Said

I wouldn’t call myself an avid hardcore reader, but reading is definitely one of my many interests. Id find a book that has an appealing story and spend a few hours, a few days a week, perusing through its contents, taking in the complex story the writer spent months putting together. A nice fiction once in a while is always refreshing. With that said, real-life stories are very moving and one can always learn from things that people have already experienced. Maybe helpful, perhaps?

One such a book has indeed crossed my path in recent days: Shatner Rules  a book by the brilliant William Shatner in collaboration with the talented Chris Regan. The book speaks about William Shatner and the elements that make him who he is. If at this moment you are shrugging that “oh its just another biography style book”, you’d be wrong. This is very much different in comparison to his autobiography Up Till Now. If one wants to learn about William Shatner, one has to simply “google him”. However, to understand who William Shatner is, you need to fully understand the reason behind his persona. This is precisely the goal of this book. Its a “guide to understanding the Shatnerverse”.

The moment you open the book you are greeted with the humour and wittiness that we are accustomed to experiencing when one speaks of William Shatner. However, it isn’t just mind-less witty words. The way the book grabs your attention is mind-boggling. Without exhausting ones dictionary and blog space with paragraphs of words, three words simply describe this book: honest, relevant & significant. Lets make it simpler to understand. Complete honesty is very difficult in writing, especially if your writing about oneself. Its hard to just say things without understanding the consequences for saying something stupid. Shatner Rules does not compromise at any step of the read. In every chapter, in every single line, a story is being said to underline a major point. Its an insight into the life of William Shatner and the very principles he follows that have taken him through his wonderful career. Every chapter brings something new to the plate, may it be his time at events or his moment with the Space Shuttle Discovery, with no details spared either. The honesty & clarity in the writing makes every single line refreshing to read – it is not cheesy or outlandish but witty and very much…William Shatner! Best part, everything he writes about is relevant in some way to his audience and significant at the same time. Personal stories, like his experiences working in A Shot In The Dark on Broadway in 1961, don’t focus around details that would result in one pulling out a thesaurus. Rather they are unique, simple and well written towards building the ultimate purpose of the book – to provide a spot of wisdom & advice. Yes they maybe a bit witty, but we are talking about William Shatner. The take-aways are absolutely amazing; ones that we as individuals can relate to and apply to our daily lives.

I can go on and on but frankly nothing I say will make it amazing. Its an experience. I began this book one cold evening just past midnight. If I hadn’t checked the clock and noticed it was past 4am, Id have kept on reading. Im still reading the book and enjoying every moment of it. Wish I had the audio version – read out by the man himself! William Shatner has put together a book that not only provides insight into his life with a bit of witty writing, but also a few words of wisdom. Im not going to say its a “must read” – YOU HAVE TO READ IT! Brilliant, Witty, A Genuine Story – Shatner Rules!!

William Shatner attended a book signing at an Indigo Bookstore in Toronto to showcase his new book. Absolutely brilliant! A shout-out & thanks to Indigo Bookstore Events & Penguin Canada for providing the city with such an amazing opportunity.