How Do You Understand War?

Sunila Galappatti captures the story of a prisoner of war in "A Long Watch", giving us a chance to reflect on war, and the stories that define them.

The Annual CFC BBQ at TIFF 2016

We attend the annual CFC BBQ at TIFF 2016, a chance for filmmakers and artists to escape the hustle and bustle of the festival on the first Sunday of TIFF.

Understanding Music in Film

Much attention is paid to the images displayed in a film, yet how often does one stop to consider the music that one hears?

Dubai: A City of Many Colours

Dubai is easily one of the most talked about global destinations. For me, it is a work of art, demonstrated through architecture, design & colour.

What Makes A Film Canadian?

We love to support Canadian film; however, we did ask ourselves a key question: what makes a film Canadian? We share our thoughts in our latest editorial.