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A Message from the Founder

Thanks for dropping by The Arts Guild.

Here you will find like-minded enthusiasts who share their love for art and culture through the power of storytelling, discussion, and visual material.

Canada has one of the richest, culturally-infused arts communities in the world. Whether it be the local indie film scene or aboriginal artists putting a spotlight on their historic culture, each individual, activity and organization has a story to share and our goal is to bring you that story, irrespective of the category. It’s not just about experiencing the arts, its about understanding it as well. With that said, artistic efforts have no geographic limitation. Efforts are universal, and we hope to bring as many stories as possible from as many places as possible; from Coast-to-coast in Canada, and from regions all around the world.

Of course, if you feel like there is something that should get some spotlight, have general questions about what we do, or are considering joining our small group of enthusiasts and contributing, please feel to drop us a line via our contact page.

Hope you’ll be a part of the discussion and the story we are trying to weave for arts and culture.



The Team