Jordan Clark

That Impromptu Chat with Jordan Clark

The best conversations are those that happen by accident, because you have no agenda and most importantly, you are just actually having a conversation vs. an interview. That’s preciously what happened this week with Jordan Clark. It’s been 4 years since we chatted with her, the last time being the Big Ticket Summer Concert hosted by the Family Channel. We ran into her during TIFF 2018, where we decided to have an impromptu conversation in the middle of a gifting lounge.

About Jordan

What can we say about Jordan? Winner of So You Think You Can Dance Canada season 4, principal cast member on the hit television show The Next Step, and dance is a big part of her life. Born in Tottenham, Ontario, performing has always been a drive for her. While The Next Step is definitely a show of her talent, she has gone to pursue dance professionally in a larger way through her project Raw Motion Dance, created with her Next Step colleague Trevor Tordjman. The company as created to inspire young dancers to pursue their dreams of making a living in dance. Beyond that, she travels between California and Ontario pursing her acting career.

The Interview

This impromptu interview took place during the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival where we bumped into Jordan at a gifting lounge. Having not connected for 4 years, we decided to catch up on the last couple of years, her specific career goals, and a number of projects she is working on that are making their way late 2018 and in 2019.