Discovering New Faces: Warren Belle and his adventures at TIFF


One thing we absolutely love is sitting down with someone whom we have never chatted with, as it often leads . Warren Belle was a new face to us, someone we were introduced to during TIFF when he was in town to celebrate his role in Downsizing. Funny enough, this is his first ever interview, something we are stoked to have the pleasure of doing.

Beautiful art by Skoko (Olga Skokova) – coordinated in thanks to the Beauchamp Art Gallery – provided the backdrop for this amazing first time interview.

Downsizing will have its final screening on Saturday, September 16th, 12 pm, at Roy Thompson Hall.

About Warren

Born in Guyana, Warren moved to Toronto in 1988. He had an intense passion for sports, something you’ll learn about in this interview. When he caught the acting bug (from the funniest of sources! – watch the interview to find out), he used his drive in sports to fuel his career in acting. Warren also modeled a number of years prior to turning to acting.

Over his career, he has had roles in a number of notable productions including Total Recall, Max Payne, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, and Nikita, to name a few. He joins the ensemble cast of Downsizing, making its premiere at TIFF, and starring the likes of Matt Damon, Christoph Waltz and Kristen Wiig.

The Interview

This was a great opportunity for us to have a conversation with an individual building his career, with notable projects already under his belt. It also gave us a chance to understand him as a person and what motivates him to continue doing what he does as part of the industry.