Diversity, Challenges, and Montreal: A Candid Chat with Cristina Rosato


There is something powerful about having an unabridged, heart-to-heart conversation about the important things in film. The importance of diversity, the differences in hiring practices, the shortfalls that actors face even to this day. Truly important topics that we frankly don’t talk about enough.

That’s precisely what happened when we caught up with the wonderful Cristina Rosato who was back in Toronto to film Donald Petrie’s Little Italy.

With the beautiful artwork of Montreal’s Dana Velan providing a gorgeous canvas to our interview, we dived into an in-depth conversation about new projects and the complex elements – such as casting, being a woman, and managing expectations – of working in film.

About Cristina

Cristina is a prime example of how well we nurture talent in Canada, and how differently we do so from the rest of the world. Born and raised in Montreal, this multilingual artist has certainly left her mark on the industry.

She aims to break the stereotypical attitude we have towards women in the industry with her characters, leveraging her education and training to highlight her ability as an actor. From projects like Territories (2010) to Assassins Creed: Black Flag (2013) to The Art of More (2015), she has truly demonstrated her range, ability and skill set.

We are excited to see her in upcoming projects such as CBC’s 21 Thunder (premiering July 31, 2017), Darren Aronofsky’s Mother! (A TIFF 2017 selection) and, as mentioned before, Donald Petrie’s Little Italy (2018).

The Interview

In our interview, she provides us with insight into some of her upcoming projects (including 21 Thunder and Little Italy), the major differences working as an actress in the U.S. vs Canada, and what she does to stay humble in the business. Its a proper heart-to-heart conversation, one we hope you will take away a lot from.

Have you seen a production staring Cristina? Let us know your favourite film/TV show.