Heart-to-Heart about ‘Kiss and Cry’ with Sean Cisterna

Sean Cisterna. I’ve known this dude as long as I’ve been covering the film and entertainment business. In fact, his film Moon Point was when I really started getting into the coverage of films. That was wayyyy back in 2012. What is spooky is that it was February 2012 when I attended the premiere of Moon Point, and now fast forward to February 2017, and here I am chatting about his latest film.

Cisterna has established himself as a creator of feel-good, Canadian-indie films. Moon Point was certainly one of them. With feature film Full Out, Cisterna began to create feel-good films around real-life characters, with the 2015 film spotlighting the life of gymnast Ariana Berlin.

Kiss and Cry takes his filmmaking adventure to a whole new level. He always had an eye for a good story, but this film showcases his skill in focusing on the details. While capturing the life of Toronto teen Carley Elle Allison, and her battle with Cancer, Cisterna develops a film that stays away from the negative and celebrates life and smiles, things that Carley herself cared about.

In this interview, we have a heart-to-heart conversation with him about the making of the film, the process of getting all the elements together, and the minute details he paid attention to while bringing Carley’s story to the big screen.

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