NXNE 2014 Artist Profile: Sweet Alibi

Sweet AlibiName: Sweet Alibi

NXNE Show: The Cameron House – Thursday, June 19 @ 11pm

Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Music Genre: Alternative / Folk

Year it all began: 2009

Quick Introduction: “If Mumford and sons and The Supremes had a love child , you’d name it Sweet Alibi “- Tom Power CBC. Sweet Alibi share their stories genuinely In song . And will have you laughing, singing along and dancing in no time . These girls truly love what they do and are in it for all the right reasons. To play honest, fun music with “fortress like” harmonies for folks like you.

What got you into music? We each had a different introductions:

  • Amber Quesnel was taught guitar by her Dad at a young age .
  • Michelle has taken classical guitar theory from a young age .
  • Jessica always loved listening to music and sang in choir and musicals in high school. Michelle actually taught Jess her first guitar chord at the end of her high school years.

What are your sources of inspiration? A lot of other independent artists we see at conferences and festivals . And a lot of our songwriting comes from personal experience.

Dream gig? Austin City Limits

Your thoughts about NXNE? Such an awesome event, and a chance to see amazing talent !

Interesting points others don’t know about you? We write Raps for peoples birthdays when we have long drives. Make a video , and send off to them.