Tribeca 2014: Jennifer Grausman & Sam Cullman discuss ‘Art and Craft’


We sit down with directors Jennifer Grausman and Sam Cullman in New York to discuss their latest documentary film Art and Craft, a film that celebrated its world premiere at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, and screens as a part of the Hot Docs 2014 lineup as well.

Art and Craft tells the story of Mark Landis, considered as one of the most prolific art forgers in the U.S. He created almost perfect imitations of some of the most recognized works, from Matisse to Picasso, fooling curators across the country. Shockingly, however, he never looked to profit from his imitations. Instead, he would donate his counterfeits free of charge. Landis fooled people for over 30 years, before being discovered by Matthew Leininger, a man who dedicated many years of his life to finding Landis. The story presented is more than just a game of deception. Rather, its a portrait of a man with motivations that people won’t quite understand, and a story that is as remarkable as the man himself.

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Enjoy the interview.