Dalmar Abuzeid & Marsha Regis talk about ‘Belleville’


We follow up our recent Belleville interview with yet another, this time chatting with cast members Dalmar Abuzeid and Marsha Regis.

Belleville follows an American couple – Zack (Allan Hawco) and Abby (Christine Horne) – as they live their life in the promising neighbourhood of Belleville, Paris. This very-much-in-love couple seem to have their life in order, with Zach even pursuing a noble cause through his work at Doctors Without Borders. Unfortunately, when Abby finds Zach at home one day, when he was supposed to be at work, the chain of events that follow rock their seemingly planned lives.

Dalmar Abuzeid is best known for playing Danny Van Zandt on Degrassi: The Next Generation, for a total of 83 episodes. The Toronto-born actor has many credits to his name, including appearances on productions such as Flashpoint, Murdoch Mysteries, and Majority Rules! He was recently seen as Felix in the major, Toront0-produced film Pompeii.

Marsha Regis has been involved in some of the largest productions in film, television and theatre. Her film credits include major blockbusters such as The Company You Keep, Watchmen and The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Her TV credits include productions such as Nikita, Covert Affairs and Fringe. Her theatre experience stretches to well known productions such as Race and You Are Very Star.

Belleville runs April 6th – May 4th at the Berkeley Street Theatre. For tickets, visit HERE