TIFF 2012: Essentials Checklist

With TIFF 2012 right around the corner, we step back from all the programming stuff to take a look on how you can best prepare yourself to enjoy 10 days of films, celebrities and activities. Our list covers the obvious and not so obvious things people tend to forget, all items that will give you the opportunity to enjoy the festival both as an arts enthusiast and/or as a fan.

1. Water – We mentioned this back in 2011 as well and its still #1 on our list. Summer maybe coming to an end but that doesn’t mean dehydration is less of a possibility. TIFF activities happen all day and at different venues across the city. Water is an essential item, especially for those who will be talking between venues. With so much to do in such a short amount of time, its easy to get side tracked from important things.

2. An Umbrella – Yet another item we mentioned back in 2011 which is again at #2. We wanted to emphasize this item more than we did last year as people don’t really take it too seriously. Toronto has unpredictable weather and last thing you want is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere when it rains, especially if you have a screening to catch.

3. Late Night Plans – TIFF features some of the hottest parties, epic late night attractions, late screenings, etc. Make sure you have tokens, schedule a ride or make plans to crash at a friends place downtown. It is an epic time of year but we all want it to be a safe and fun experience. Don’t drink and drive and ensure you party responsibly.

4. Obvious Items + List – Make sure your carrying the obvious items such as money, tickets, phone, accessories, etc. Make sure you have a list or mental map of everything you bring out to the festival. You want to make sure you have everything at all times, not accidentally leaving items anywhere or creating an opportunity for items to be stolen. It can happen and you should be prepared.

5. Sweater/Jacket – For those who plan to attend late events or plan to wait countless hours on the red carpet, having a sweater or a jacket is a good idea. It can get very cold at times and last thing you want is to get sick.

6. Map & TIFF App / Schedule – You can plan as much as you want but on the day of, anything is possible. Always have the TIFF schedule on hand, marked and ready to go. TIFF activities are not available via an official app as well. For those who prefer technology and have Blackberry’s or iOS devices, you have this option as well!

7. Camera/Phone + Batteries – This is TIFF. The one time of year that celebrities from all over the world come to Toronto and last thing you want is to bump into your favourite celebrity and not have the means to capture the moment. Whether its a pocket camera that you carry around or your phone, ensure that you have something to capture the moment and the power to do so. You’ll be surprised how many times people don’t have a charged camera or phone on them, especially when they need it!

8. Autograph Book + Pen – If autographs are your thing, you may want to carry a little notebook and a pen. As said above, you never know who you’ll bump into during the festival season.

The festival is a great opportunity for all of us to share our love for film and have fun at the same time. Be informed, be responsible and be prepared.

Photo Credit: Mike Cassese/Reuters – National Post