Interview with Talia Aaron


You thought posts relating to Green Day’s American Idiot were over? Guess again! My final interview for the evening was with fellow Canadian and ensemble member, Talia Aaron, who is also an understudy for the roles Whatsername & Heather. Talia took a moment to share with me her love for everything Green Day and how her love for their music put her on the journey to becoming a part of the tour company. I wish I had a longer chat! An experienced stage artist in her own right, Talia was last seen in the Canadian production of We Will Rock You and Mirvish’s Mamma Mia. Talia will be touring with the company of American Idiot all across the U.S. until July 2012. However, the only Canadian stop in Toronto plays until January 15th! Don’t miss out! For more details go HERE.

I love that fact that you are true from home town Canada and you’re in such a big play. Can you tell me how was the journey. How you got into American Idiot your experience so far?

Talia: For sure! My agent called me about the fact that they were coming to cast in Toronto for one day for this first U.S. tour and I knew that they were going across the states as well – Boston, Chicago, L.A., New York – and I kinda just couldn’t resist going to their Toronto call and seeing how I did with that. Im a huge Green Day fan and if there was any show I really wanted to do, this was it, so I went for it! I was also really interested to see how I would measure up compared to the talent across the states and whether I could make it even to a call back stage for something like this.

Thats fantastic! Now you say you are a Green Day fan. So when you first got into that role and you stepped on stage and got to perform, how was that experience like?

Talia: Its amazing! ITS AMAZING! Their music is amazing! It has so much to say and I think its arranged for this show so beautifully. I love how the story is crafted around the music and I love all the harmony’s and instruments and new elements and textures that Tom Kitt has found with the music. So it’s really thrilling to a fan who likes the kinda punk rock band to see this music have a completely new life on this show and to be part of making that sound.

Now you’ve stepped into the tour and you have quite a long way to go. Are you expecting Green Day to show up for any of your shows and how would that experience be like?

Talia: I dunno! I dunno anything about that but I do have my fingers crossed! That would definitely be a life highlight for me!

I hope they show up today!

Talia: I hope so too!

I can just picture you on stage. “Oh we have Green Day here” and they stand up and then “AHHH!”

Talia: I would just jump into the audience…scream.. throw my things at them.

and then everyone will be like “yeah…its fine…she’s a part of the cast”


Hope you folks enjoyed!