CFC BBQ 2013 – Photo Credit: Canadian Film Centre

TIFF 2013: Reflecting on 25 Years of CFC at the Annual CFC BBQ

Spirits were high, and spirits were flowing, at the Annual Canadian Film Centre BBQ on Sunday, September 8th, in Toronto. The yearly fete, held strategically during TIFF, is one of the most sought-after invites of the season, and with good reason.

People were relishing the opportunity to get one last wear out of their summer whites past Labour Day. White jeans, skirts, blazers, and shirts were everywhere. However, with an arts industry gathering of this magnitude, one comes to expect a few outliers. Large garden-party hats and festive-printed maxi dresses were some highlights on the women. The men were no slouches, however: many an ascot was spotted, and many of them were spotted!

CFC BBQ 2013 - Photo Credit: Canadian Film Centre

After a few short speeches near the beginning of the shindig from CFC’s CEO Slawko Klymkiw, addressing his public from the balcony of the manor house that serves as CFC headquarters,  the party truly got started. The DJ was pumping out CanCon indie darlings Metric and Dragonette, along with the likes of “Blurred Lines” (hey, his dad is national treasure Alan Thicke, it counts). Jessica Mitchell took the stage, the balcony again, first. There is nothing quite like the sound of live music floating over happy party revelers. Following the soft, folksy guitar prelude, Canadian Idol winner Theo Tams brought out a more pop-rock set, playing songs from his upcoming album.

But let’s get to the main event: food. I mean, it is a barbeque, after all! Gourmet Burger Co. was by far the belle of the ball, with the food line being cordoned off by a red velvet rope, how apropos. Other popular offerings were Jack Astor’s meatballs and cookie brownies that went fast, as well as Vertical Bistro’s red pepper gazpacho and Barque Smokehouse’s brisket sliders. Hopefully partygoers saved room for dessert. Lollicakes was serving up mini cupcakes in an array of hues, Big Cannoli was pumping out assorted flavours of, you guessed it, cannolis, and tiny cups of fruity gelato abounded.

CFC BBQ 2013 - Photo Credit: Canadian Film Centre

One can’t have nibbles without sips, and the sips here were fab. While Mill St. was serving up cold ones, it was hard to resist the lure of custom (themed!) cocktails. With both Patron and Crystal Head sponsoring the bash, the bars present had a pretty neutral palette to work with. Thus, the drinks ranged from tart and light, like the Lemon Head – a minty hard lemonade – to rich and heavy, like the hazelnut martini using both Cafe Patron and Crystal Head. And let’s not forget everything in between! Pomtinis and peach cocktails are perennial favourites of the summertime set, and the weather definitely permitted one last outdoor day of shorts and celebrating.

Here’s to twenty-five more years, CFC. Cheers.

Photo Credits: Canadian Film Centre

CFC BBQ 2013 - Photo Credit: Canadian Film Centre

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